African grey for sale near me

African grey for sale near me! An African grey, or Timneh erithacus timneh for sale is a small to medium-sized parrot inhabiting rainforests of West and Central Africa. Congo greys, also known as Red-headed African greys, are a species of African grey with a red ‘crown’, and can be found from Eastern Democratic Republic to Cameroon in Central Africa. They are a popular pet bird.

As of 2010, it was estimated that some 1.2 million grey parrots were kept as pets worldwide, about 500,000 of them being Congo greys (Timnehs).

Grey-headed parrots are among the most intelligent birds on Earth and have an emotional repertoire more complex than that of dogs! African Greys respond easily and quickly to training, meaning they’re suitable for both beginner bird owners as well as 

African grey parrots are a popular pet. They eat fruit, not seed and make great companion animals. With the right care and minding, they live 30-50 years!

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